Meet Our Team


Richard Koppelman

Richard Koppelman - President

F. Bailey Vanneck

F. Bailey Vanneck - General Manager

Daniel Mota

Daniel Mota - Pre-Owned Manager

Evan Cygler

Evan Cygler - Director of Special Projects

Doug Noe

Doug Noe - Facility Operations Manager


Jamie Ely

Jamie Ely - DMV Biller

Janet Jefferson

Janet Jefferson - Controller

Shafraz Kassim

Shafraz Kassim - Accounting

Deanna O'Shea

Deanna O'Shea - Human Resources


Timothy Coughlin

Timothy Coughlin - Sales Manager Maserati

Alan Sheynin

Alan Sheynin - Sales Manager Bentley / Rolls-Royce / McLaren

Alex DeLuca

Alex DeLuca - Sales Specialist Ferrari

Nicholas Unnold

Nicholas Unnold - Sales Specialist Ferrari

Robert Rizzo

Robert Rizzo - Ferrari Sales Specialist

Eric Goldstein

Eric Goldstein - Sales Specialist Maserati Greenwich

Lewis Pasquin

Lewis Pasquin - Sales Specialist for Maserati of Greenwich

Kevin Panepinto

Kevin Panepinto - Sales Specialist Maserati

Shima Fukano

Shima Fukano - Maserati Sales Specialist - Maserati of Westport

Ekaterina (Katie) Koroleva

Ekaterina (Katie) Koroleva - Sales Specialist Bentley

Phone: 203-661-3100

AJ Lane

AJ Lane - Sales Specialist Bentley

Steve Vaz

Steve Vaz - Sales Specialist Bentley

Lisa Anastas

Lisa Anastas - Sales Specialist Aston Martin

Aleksey Katkov

Aleksey Katkov - Sales Specialist McLaren

Laura Davis

Laura Davis - Executive Sales Assistant Ferrari & Maserati

Marla Edgar

Marla Edgar - Executive Sales Assistant Bentley & Rolls-Royce

Ainsley Lothrop

Ainsley Lothrop - Executive Sales Assistant McLaren

Justine Thomas

Justine Thomas - Executive Sales Assistant Maserati Westport

Alex Ganz

Alex Ganz - Sales Specialist - Maserati Westport

Peter Molony

Peter Molony - Sales Manager


Paul Matula

Paul Matula - Service Manager

Stefan Miller

Stefan Miller - Assistant Service Manager Maserati

Norbert Kerekes

Norbert Kerekes - Service Consultant Maserati & Alfa Romeo

Julie Seiter

Julie Seiter - Service Consultant Maserati & Alfa Romeo

Debra Temoche

Debra Temoche - Service Consultant Maserati of Westport

John Nemeth

John Nemeth - Service Advisor Bentley Bugatti Rolls-Royce

Daniel Palchik

Daniel Palchik - Service Consultant Aston Martin & McLaren

Elliot Seamark

Elliot Seamark - Ferrari Service Consultant

Mark Ahearn

Mark Ahearn - Assistant Parts Manager Aston Martin Bentley Rolls

Christina DePinto

Christina DePinto - Ferrari Service Consultant

Kaitlin Laurie

Kaitlin Laurie - Warranty Administrator

Joseph Tambini

Joseph Tambini - Parts Director

Greg Mattison

Greg Mattison - Ferrari Parts Manager

Lonney Amos

Lonney Amos - Parts Specialist Aston Martin Bentley Rolls-Royce

Larry Mazzella

Larry Mazzella - Parts Consultant Aston Martin Bentley Maserati

Florencio Saez

Florencio Saez - Maserati of Westport Service Assistant

Robert Hull

Robert Hull - Shop Foreman - Maserati of Westport

Jorge Santiago

Jorge Santiago - Shop Foreman McLaren/Technician Aston Martin Rolls

Giacomo Alvites

Giacomo Alvites - Maserati Technician

Alex DelGado

Alex DelGado - Ferrari Technician

Leonardo Garcia

Leonardo Garcia - Ferrari Technician

Ray Aakjar

Ray Aakjar - Technician - Aston Martin

Manny Beltre

Manny Beltre - Technician McLaren

Chris Smith

Chris Smith - Technician Bentley Maserati & Alfa Romeo

Vegard Nygaard

Vegard Nygaard - Service Consultant Bentley Rolls-Royce

Scott Bachman

Scott Bachman - Technician Maserati

Chris Grande

Chris Grande - Technician Maserati & Alfa Romeo

Luis Carrapico

Luis Carrapico - Technician Bentley

Eddie Cascante

Eddie Cascante - Technician Aston Martin Bentley

Richard Borowiec

Richard Borowiec - Technician Aston Martin

Rob Costa

Rob Costa - Technician Bentley

Jose Mejia

Jose Mejia - Technician Bentley McLaren

Ricardo Jauler

Ricardo Jauler - Technician Bentley

Mike Kalpaxis

Mike Kalpaxis - Technician Aston Martin McLaren

Lee Stayton

Lee Stayton - Ferrari Certified Master Technician

Kenny Ho

Kenny Ho - Technician Maserati

Andrew Howell

Andrew Howell - Technician Bugatti & Alfa Romeo

Matt Sobek

Matt Sobek - Technician Maserati

Alberto Regalado

Alberto Regalado - Service Assistant

Isaac Franco

Isaac Franco - Detailing Ferrari Maserati

David Cano

David Cano - Flatbed Driver

Mike Carbon

Mike Carbon - Flatbed Driver

Alex DeLisa

Alex DeLisa - Flatbed Driver

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly - Flatbed Driver

Miguel Mercado

Miguel Mercado - Flatbed Driver

Luis Nunez

Luis Nunez - Flatbed Driver

Blair Freidman

Blair Freidman - Flatbed Coordinator

Izzy Polanco

Izzy Polanco - Ferrari Service Assistant

John Henkel

John Henkel - Ferrari Service Manager

Alessandro Marino

Alessandro Marino - Maserati Technician

Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia - Aston Martin Technician

John Skopetos

John Skopetos - Service Consultant for Aston Martin and McLaren

Todd Testerman

Todd Testerman - Shop Foreman - Bentley Bugatti Pagani Rolls-Royce

Luis Perez

Luis Perez - Parts Driver

Michelle Purcell

Michelle Purcell - Stamford Service Receptionist

Sergio Moncada

Sergio Moncada - Inventory Clerk

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