This is the benchmark for all super luxury sedans. Introduced in 2003, the Rolls-Royce Phantom was the first car produced by the modern Rolls-Royce, and its styling cues and legacy of beautiful English craftsmanship have carried on to all other Rolls-Royce models. Phantom comes in two flavors with the large SWB sedan and the stately EWB sedan adds 10 inches to the rear cabin to produce the most legroom ever in a production car at over 53.1 inches. Both models are adorned with the utmost in luxury features from the finest materials to the latest technology. Only the finest woods and hides are used to produce the interiors, offering infinite customization through Rolls-Royce bespoke program. Rolls-Royce offers unique interior options such as a cashmere headliner with configurable constellations from fiber optic lights, bespoke marquetry in the wood veneers, and even the option to equip a partition between the front and rear seats for the ultimate rear passenger experience. Phantom is designed for comfort and features the most finely dampened suspension in the world that provides an oasis for both front and rear passengers. Almost no outside noise intrudes into the cabin as Phantom is incredibly quiet. With an all-aluminum body structure, however, Phantom is capable through the corners and still offers those who wish to drive their Phantom with one of the most relaxing experiences in the world.

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