'BC,' Benny Caiola, Horatio Pagani's first customer, had ultimate faith in the brand that developed from the original Zonda C12 to this, a lighter, more powerful, and more track-focused version of the Huayra. The lighter weight comes from a new exhaust, new wheels, and other lighter mechanical components, along with a new type of carbon fiber that weighs 50 percent less and is 20 percent stronger than the carbon fiber used in the current Huayra. All of the BC's weight-saving features combine to a total weight loss of 300 lbs off the already super lightweight Huayra. With a power increase from 730 bhp to 790 bhp, the Huayra can accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than 3.0 seconds and reach a top speed over 230 mph. The Huayra gains a new carbon fiber front bumper with splitter and winglets, deeper side skirts, a large rear diffuser, and a fixed rear wing. All of these changes are designed to maximize downforce and minimize drag for both high speed stability and grip through tight corners. Inside, Huayra BC features prolific use of carbon fiber and alcantara to give an aggressive racey feel. Huayra BC takes the performance of the Huayra to the next level without losing the bespoke characteristics that make Pagani's so special.

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