Have you ever wanted to take your Ferrari skiing or do you want the ultimate all-weather performance car? These are questions that the Ferrari FF, introduced in 2012, answered. Now, GTC4Lusso carries on the legacy of FF by adding even more practicality and performance, while maintaining the soul of Ferrari. GTC4Lusso carries over a heavily reworked and improved version of Ferrari's 4RM four-wheel drive system that maximizes stability in challenging weather conditions, yet maximizes driving pleasure by sending most of the available 681 bhp to the rear wheels when it is dry. The interior of GTC4Lusso is heavily revised from that of the FF with a new 10.3 inch touchscreen that features Ferrari's new infotainment system. The new steering wheel is smaller and more intuitive and complete the modern and more luxurious interior. The all-new GTC4Lusso is simply the most usable and capable Ferrari ever, and its unique blend of comfort and performance ensure that you can use your Ferrari all-year-round.

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