When the Bugatti Veyron was launched in 2005, it was a true technological tour-de-force. With over 1000 bhp and a top speed over 250 mph, the Veyron was not only fast but also refined. It was the first car that could allow passengers to easily pass 200 mph while still being perfectly comfortable and civilized. Bugatti's values of refinement and ultra-performance carry over to the new Chiron hypercar. The 8.0 liter quad-turbocharged W16 engine from the Veyron is heavily revised with direct injection and electronically controlled turbos to minimize any potential turbo lag. The Chiron produces 1,479 bhp and 1,180 lb ft of torque sent to all four wheels via an advanced 7-speed dual clutch automated manual transmission. With these four-digit power figures, Chiron does not disappoint. The 0-60 mph time takes less than 2.5 seconds and the projected top speed is in excess of 290 mph. With these performance figures, there is no doubt that Chiron will be one of, if not the fastest production car in the world. Chiron is fully customizable to the owner's preferences, and the level of individuality that can be achieved with Chiron is subject to very few limitations. The Chiron is a true beast that is designed to be easy to tame and thus offers more possibilities to the driver than almost any other vehicle in the world.

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